10 September 2012

Superdry + Joseph Cheany & Sons: Going comando for FW12

Courtesy of Superdry
Up until a couple of years ago I used to pretty much live in sneakers. Despite my diagnosed obsession with footwear I have always struggled with smart shoes because, even though I love them, their leather and wooden soles are almost deathly when new. They say a gentleman lets his butler break out his shoes but for that a gentleman needs a big budget.
But then I discovered 'comando soles'. As it turns our a lot of shoe manufacturers have introduced them as part of their permanent collections because they're actually a lot more comfortable and they totally eliminate the risk of slipping on marble and carpet floors.
Superdry has partnered with Joseph Cheaney & Sons to create a collection of footwear that brings together that traditional British design everyone loves and a more current practicality. There really is nothing better than a good brogue in winter and now we can choose between a classic wingtip shoe, a lace-up boot and a Chelsea boot. All in a beautiful tan colour and tough grained leather.
All three models are already available online at Superdry.com and in Superdry's Regent Street store.

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