28 September 2012

Most Stylish of the Weekend: Aaron Paul wears Prada to the Emmys

I did not stay up to watch the Grammys last Sunday but I probably should have. When I did watch them the night after I realised how excited I actually get about television awards. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that approximately 40% of my week is spent watching American TV shows.
The best (style) surprise of the night was how dapper Jimmy Fallon looked in his tux. I haven't been able to ID the designer yet – it's a lot harder than with a dress, as you might imagine – but it was perfectly tailored for him, that was evident. I might spend some time and words trying to explain everything this tuxedo did for Jimmy and how this is proof that tailoring is a man's best friend but GQ did it first and much better so just read their's here.
Aaron Paul was one of the big winners of the night. He was one of the few gents at the event who actually stood out. His brown kid mohair shawl collar tuxedo, white smoking popeline shirt, beige bowtie with a matching pocket square and brown spazzolato oxfords were so refreshing against everyone's traditional tuxes. And who was it by? Prada, of course.
Probably feeling a little envy after seeing these two guys, Justin Timberlake wore a double-chested tuxedo later this week. It's true that it's not hard for him to look good in pretty much anything but I like the tieless element of the look and the sartorial if somewhat flamenco choice of the polka dot pocket square.

This week's Best Grooming goes to Leonardo DiCaprio, or rather to Jordan Belfort, the character he plays in Martin Scorsese's latest film 'The Wolf of Wall Street'. Leo has been spotted looking mighty fine in a darker and slicker hairdo than we're used to from him. Hopefully this is just the beginning of another brilliantly styled movie following in the footsteps of Bud Fox.

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