15 September 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: *puts hands in his pockets*

@RyanLochte, JustJared
Any week when both Ryan Gosling, Ryan Lochte and Zac Efron make public appearances is a good week in style by my books.
Ryan Lochte attended the Ralph Lauren show (duh!) this week and looked sharp in a navy number. The length of the sleeves, the tie knot and the pocket square and simply perfect! The interesting bit of his look were the cuffed trousers worn with Chelsea boots. Brownie points for that.
Ryan Gosling is finally back in the world. I had been suffering from withdrawal symptoms all summer. This week he rocked a brown Prince of Wales check gucci suit. Brown can often look dated or old but Ryan can pull anything off. I wish he unbuttoned his two top shirt buttons, though.
You don't really get a lot of stylish film directors but if anyone had to be that's Baz Luhrmann. He is about to turn 50 and easily looks 10 years younger. His shirt, cardi and trouser combo is super classic but the slim fit gives it a modern touch. I am hoping for great red carpet looks during the premieres of 'The Great Gatsby' next year.

I don't have anyone up for best grooming this week but instead I have pose of the week. Almost everyone this week went for the hands-in-pockets pose. I guess it's a good casual one and you can either go for the "hunky here-I-am" look (shoulders up and back) or the "shy geek" one (shoulders down and forward). Zac Efron and David Beckham chose the first while Josh Hartnett went for the latter. All three of them also looked very casual but chose nice colours and accessories that made their looks a hit.

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