29 August 2012

Thinking FW12: Ermenegildo Zegna's masterpiece of a trench

This week I've realised I am completely over the summer, or whatever annoying hybrid we might have had in London. Fall/Winter shopping is always not only easier but also a lot more pleasant. Winter clothes also give more room for style as men can vary between more than 3 or 4 types of garment.
So these days I've been looking around online for my key pieces for the winter, regardless of whether I can actually afford it. So far, one of the very few pieces that has stood out the most is this incredible Ermegildo Zegna trench coat. It actually feels weird referring to it as a trench coat because it's a lot more – it's a masterpiece. Living in London a trench coat is something ordinary, which is probably why I have never bought one and worn it often. Zegna's option, on the contrary, is anything but ordinary. The leather inserts and trimming, the micro-checked lining and the removable shearling collar give it a super distinctive touch. The reason why it's so great is because it's also a classic. It could be your dad's old coat (if he's very stylish) but you can rock it even better.
I doubt that at €2,720 a pop I will be able to afford one this winter but believe this, if I had a house to get a second mortgage on I would happily get into debt for years only to own this coat. If you're luckier than me you can buy it here.

If you missed it, click here to see my post of the Ermenegildo Zegna FW12 collection. One of my top 5 of the season and full of beautiful pieces and textures.

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