11 August 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: You're never too young to be stylish

This week Ryan Kwanten made an appearance in London – who would want to be here this time of the year? – for an Omega event. I am so used to seeing him in tight jeans and checked shirts on True Blood that I forget he's pretty slick in real life. He dressed up in black trousers, white shirt and blazer. It was a very classy but also pretty cool evening look. I didn't love the choice of pocket square but I appreciate the effort. The intentionally scruffy grooming gave it a casual touch you need in the summer.
Benjamin Brady – Giselle Bündchen's and Tom Brady's son – is only 3 years old and already knows how to rock the hell out of a play-in-the-park look. This week he went for a classic combo of black shorts and a simple white tee and sneakers but he added his personal touch, channeling his dad's style, with a patchwork newsboy hat.
If you don't know Graham Phillips it's because you haven't been watching 'The Good Wife'. Tut-tut. Even in the show you can tell the guy knows how to carry himself. And it looks like he likes looking stylish out of set. This week he celebrated the premiere of this latest film 'Goats', with Vera Farmiga and David Duchovny, and wore a muted outfit with a dash of olive green. I love how everything fits just right, the choice of saddle shoes and his bowtie – you need to be a gutsy young man to just go for it at 19.

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