20 August 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: Robert Pattinson wears Gucci, looks better than ever

If public embarrassment does to everyone what it has done to Robert Pattinson, I want some. The actor is looking better than ever and so is his hair. It's almost like he wakes up every morning and perfectly messes his hair up to show Kristen Stewart what she's missing. I like his style. On top of it, he wore an indigo blue Gucci suit paired with a shirt in a slightly darker shade of blue and a black tie. Simple and modern.
Being so close to Diane Kruger has made Joshua Jackson absorb some of her effortless style. He has been rocking some pretty great summer looks over the last few weeks while filming in Canada. I don't approve of the flip flops but if Diane is okay with them I guess so am I.
Josh Hutcherson should stay blond. The actor has dyed his hair once again for the filming of 'Catching Fire' and he's looking great. It adds a nice rock and roll vibe to his look. Like anyone under 6' he struggles a bit with his trouser length but if Daniel Radcliffe and I found a solution for this I'm sure it's just a matter of time before he does.

Though you should have definitely not only heard of them but also seen them in action Ezra Miller, Logan Lerman, Johnny Simmons are the guys to watch out for. The stars of 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' – watch the trailer here –, which I can't wait to see, cover the September issue of Out totally decked up in Prada in a brilliant shoot by Kai Z Feng. Their press tour for the movie is going to be such a treat!


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