26 August 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: Grey hair & a bubblegum suit

I don't understand why Joseph Gordon-Levitt doesn't wear more DC (double-chested, duh) blazers. Being fairly tall and having that sort of lean and athletic build he looks mighty dapper in them. And such is the choice he made this week for the New York premiere of 'Premium Rush'. I just wish he wore suits in colours other than navy – like R Patz or Ryan Gosling – or that he'd add a funky tie. But then again, if I looked that good I probably wouldn't bother too much either.
It looks like Robbie Williams is currently working on what will be his 16th comeback. Or maybe his last album was so bland I'm confused? In any case, he's been shooting his latest music this video and it looks like he might be sharing stylist with One Direction. He's 38 now, which is the new 28 if you didn't hear, and I love the fact that he's trying new things. The (TopMan?) bubblegum pink looks great on him, especially with the grey hair but a slim fit is not what you should go for if you're a teeny bit chubs, let's all agree on that.
The Gossip Girl have finally exorcised Penn Badgley after his style and grooming shenanigans of the summer. It's great to see his hair looking sleek again and his hobo beard gone – I would never hide my jawline if I had one like Penn's. He's the best groomed this week.

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