03 August 2012

Introducing Burtonwode: Boxershorts for the Discerning Character

I always think I am immune to new underwear campaigns and products because, quite frankly, I firmly believe that real men don't buy neon pants made of ill-fitting non-breathable fabrics. Even though I always defend comfort over style I admit that when it comes to certain garments, I can be persuaded to choose style first sometimes. But not with underwear – it has to fit like a glove and it can only be made of one material: cotton.
This is where Burtonwode comes in. Looking at their look book I was really amazed by their range of styles all of which are based on a single classic boxershort design. And, of course, they are made of 100% cotton, which they treat in two different ways to achieve what they call "peach handle", that makes every piece nice and soft.

David Huglin founded Burtonwode with the intention of tackling the lack of choice us men have in the underwear department. He took a timeless shape and, inspired by a sketch of some pyjamas, created 4 base prints custom printed in a 19th century Carlisle mill. The shorts are then cut, assembled and stitched in Canning Town. Burtonwide underwear is also 100% Made in England.
The packaging is just as sartorial – each print has its own box design. Don't expect chiseled 6 foot models with perfect six-packs. Instead, enjoy the fruit drawings, which are so nice you will probably end up having them on display in your room.
Because not every man is looking for the same when it comes to his underwear style Burtonwode has created 4 different models for every print. A full print one, a plain-colour one based on the print's palette, one with a printed waistband and plain leg, and a printed leg with a plain waistband. So whether you're more or less bold there is a style for you.
You can see all their styles and models on their website – click here – and even buy them online. They all retail at a very respectable £26. You are not only buying quality and unique style but also a piece that your girlfriend would love to lounge in.

All images courtesy of Burtonwode

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