12 August 2012

Best Grooming of the Week (and the last two decades): Bud Fox

BestHairBudFox It is good that I am posting about this online and not telling one in person because I am afraid I might get my ass kicked if I told anyone in person. I only watched 'Wall Street' last night for the first time. Yes, I know. And not only that, but I had seen the sequel in the cinema before it. Shame on me.
To make up for it I thought I would give the 'Best Grooming of the Week' to Bud Fox for his glossy slicked-back do. I wore my hair very similar to this until quite recently but I am contemplating re-adopting it for this winter.
Patrick Bateman – Christian Bale's character in American Psycho – sported a slightly less sleek version of it in 2000 and currently we can see it in the flamboyantly cool Scott Disick who is the perfect marriage between a 50's Garden State gangster and an 80's yuppie.

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