14 July 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: Casual guys

Everyone seems to be enjoying chic holidays in the sun these past few weeks. Apart from me, that is. Luckily, there are still some celebrities out there who know that style can't possibly involve under-the-knee shorts, flip flops and wifebeaters.
Josh Hartnett hasn't been working much for the last couple of years but he will forever have my respect for pulling off his character's style in 'The Virgin Suicides'. He's been chilling in Saint Tropez this week and looking good. I love the fact that there's a neon note in there, like an unintentional trend, paired with classics. The worn-out plimsoles add an effortless vibe of which I'm very much a fan in the summer. Every man should have a pair of filthy canvas shoes.
Hayden Christensen has very much been in a similar situation to Josh's. He doesn't do a lot of work but he looks cool and goes out with a beautiful girl. Not a lifestyle I would say no to. This week he's gone once more for an apparently simple look with a touch of quirk. Not only the shorts length but even the man-cleavage is just right. I'm not usually a fan of baseball hats but this plain black one looks great with the sunglasses. Even the lace-less sneakers and socks, which normally I would hate, look pretty awesome on Hayden.
I don't think anyone would challenge the fact that Nick Jonas has always been the most stylish out of the trio. He always manages to strike the right balance between fashionable and masculine. This week he stepped out in New York wearing rolled up chino shorts with a semi tucked in shirt-sleeved white shirt and suede slip-ons. He's essentially mastered the perfect summer attire at 19. Here is another proof also from this week.

Penn Badgley
This week's best grooming goes straight to Penn Badgley not so much because his hair looks enviously good but because of his improvement. After all, he looked this bad a few weeks ago.
He might think that the hipster look makes him look cool but any outfit/grooming style that makes other people question whether you have ever been near a shower and soap are a no-go.
He probably doesn't realise his long curly hair and untrimmed beard give the impression that he's put on a few kilos. And you don't want that when you're 25, believe me.

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