15 July 2012

Just in: Davidelfin sweatshirt

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I have barely done any sale shopping this season because 1. I have been a little skint, and 2. all the nice things are still a tad too expensive. However, I did have a look at the Davidelfin sale online. He is one of the very few Spanish designers who creates interesting clothes every season and I still didn't have anything from him.
I ended up going for this sweatshirt with cream Raglan sleeves, grey body and a neon band at the waist. I loved its simplicity but also the little detail of the embroidered dolphin on the chest and the blue zip at the back.
I finally wore it for the first time yesterday and it's such a cool fit, slightly higher at the neck live a baseball shirt or a wetsuit. It's just a great piece for those casual days you don't feel like making an effort but still want to be wearing something interesting. Not to mention Raglan sleeves always make your shoulders look slightly wider, so it's all advantages!

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