16 July 2012

Frank loves: Pankhurst London

I have been religiously visiting Pankhurst London once a month since having my first haircut there last November. You see, I might be young but ever since I can remember I have always taken grooming very seriously and so wherever I have lived I have always tried to find the best hairdresser in town. I stay clear of trendy, sassy places and go instead for the sharp ones, the classic ones with a twist. That's exactly what Pankhurst is: the place where a 21st century London-based Don Draper would get his trim and chat about Scotch with Steve McQueen.
Downstairs at Nick Tentis on 37 Savile Row – The Row, for the regulars – Pankhurst creates its own world of vintage barber shop furniture, golden book wallpaper and iTunes-powered background music. My favourite thing about it is how they bring together the old school and the modern that is even evident in the young staff who have the skills of someone twice their age. Here I must insert the shout out to Stefan Avanzato, the artist to whom I own all the good compliments about the 'sharpness' of my hair even when my next visit is due. He is also the first hairdresser I have had a normal conversation with. Despite what his skinny coffees might indicate, there's no room for uncalled-for gossip at Pankhurst.
I am yet to try out their barber services, which I hear feel like being reborn. I have denied myself the pleasure of a clean shave for years due to the fact that my bare face gets me ID'ed trying to buy a Mars bar. But a Pankhurst shaving experience is in my list of things to do before 2013.
IMG_2156 IMG_2162 IMG_2160 Another struggle during my short yet intense life in grooming has been finding the right hair products. There is nothing more irritating that walking out of your hairdresser's feeling good with your fresh haircut only to shower the next morning and realising your products are no use.
Pankhurst also sells their own range of products so you can go home and avoid the day-after disappointment. They kindly gifted me some of them to sample. The moulding cream is deceivingly strong and works extremely well both for classic smart and contemporary textured styles, which is very useful for me and something you won't find in a lot of products. The head to toe shampoo is also the same one they will use on you at the shop. It has this amazing sort of citrusy menthol smell that will wake you up and make you feel fresh in the morning or on Friday night before going out. But my favourite is the aftershave ice gel. Chuck out your regular after shave balm because Pankhurst's, which genuinely looks like gel made from ice, not only doesn't sting but it makes your skin feel better than before you even shaved.
Pankhurst has also recently released a series of video tutorials where they teach you how to use each of their products so that you can have a professional result every day. But remember real men don't go longer than 3 or 4 weeks without a fresh trim. Click here to book yours at Pankhurst London.

Make sure to check out their site for hairstyle inspiration and follow them on Twitter for updates live from the Row.
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