28 June 2012

Dolce & Gabbana SS13: Moltissimo Sicily

Dolce&GabbanaSS13 Warning: This collection might give you an irrepressible need to want to spend the rest of your summer in Sicily. If you decided to continue reading, for better results, click here and play while reading.
Dolce & Gabbana was the first show I attended in Milan this season and I was extremely excited about it because it was my first. The traditional runway space at the Metropol had been stripped down from al decorations. Only at the back, a little piece of Sicilian landscape served as decoration – very old school. As everyone took their seats and the lights dimmed, a traditional Naples folk band lifted the mood with a Tarantella Napoletana (which you should be listening to from the link above).
For the casting, Domenico and Stefano had chosen mostly non-models and had instead gone finding teenagers and young kids from around Sicily. There was something so charmingly authentic about it. The collection found inspiration in the Sicilian 50's. A young boy would wear his brother's hand-me-downs – trousers might be too short, or too wide but they would make it work.
It might be because I come from a similar Mediterranean culture but I was actually quite moved by this collection that was almost romantic. It reminded me slightly of one of my favourite Dolce & Gabbana collections ever – their FW10 Baarìa-inspired ultra-sober yet full of sentiment line.

Dolce&GabbanaSS13b The striped pieces were one of my personal highlights. It's like this iconic Mediterranean symbol that went from being the mark of fishermen to a mainstream clothing reference to a high fashion motif. And I feel like this collection kind of brought together all the different connotations of stripes. In SS13 we will be wearing them from the most casual t-shirt, to the vintage shirt and the more contemporary shorts and cropped trousers.

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Take a look below at my video from the finale – please excuse the untimely blurriness. My camera is very temperamental. You can see the full runway show here.

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