24 May 2012

Just in: Vans x Kenzo

Fashion, Frankly
I received these bad boys yesterday and I couldn't be happier. I usually miss out on these amazing collaborations because either my size sells out too quickly or I'm too out of pocket to afford them – why is it always at the end of the month before pay day?
Anyway, the Vans x Kenzo are tad comfier than your standard Vans. The sole is a bit more consistent and it's evident that all the stitching is a lot stronger. So if you were hesitating, rest assured the difference in price is justified.
I went for the green because, despite being my favourite colour – can you tell? – I don't seem to have any green shoes. I have already worn them and I'm pretty certain I have chosen the right colour, they just look so cool. Although after watching this video on the Kenzo site I am more than tempted to also go for the nude version... In June, though.


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