15 May 2012

Frank Loves: Chanel Cruise 2012 Sneakers

I don't think I am alone when I say I've always felt like certain brands in fashion, the creme of the crop, have always alienated men. I know that the reason for this is that the menswear market has never been as big (or keen) as it currently is. So it's great seeing brands like Christian Louboutin branching into menswear – who doesn't want to have red-soled sneakers? Exactly.
Now it's Chanel's turn. The house held its Cruise 2013 fashion show in Versailles on Monday and, as it is tradition, Lagerfeld included a few men looks – three, to be more precise. Even though I must admit that the apparel was a lot more wearable (aka: realistic) than normal – see below – I thought the best part of it were the sneakers.
Chanel is been another of those brands that has always made me jealous of women's fashion. Why isn't there an equivalent of a quilted Chanel ballerina shoe or a 5.55 bag? – This is why these sneakers are genius. They bring together something wearable and desirable any men would like to wear and the cool Chanel elements that make it exclusive – a stitched logo on the shoe tongue and the different colour toe point.
I really do hope these go into production – they would then hit stores around September – and that they retail for a bit less than crazy Luboutins. Though, to be honest, I would probably pay it for Chanel.


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