13 April 2012

Would you rather? Goyard Edition

Last night I found these pictures of Orlando Bloom out and about in Australia (I think – I could check but, frankly, who cares?). I probably wouldn't have noticed the wallet he carried with his book were it not for the bigger detail shot that showed the huge initials on his Goyard wallet. Funnily enough it's the exact same one I've got that I bought for my birthday a few weeks ago. And this is a silly coincidence but what are the chances of it being the exact same shape and colour when the French house has at least 6 to 8 colours per model?!
This aside, I find the who initial business a bit too much. I love Goyard and LV trunks and even carry-ons with stripes and all sorts of other details but this is something else. The wallet is way too small for this. If anything, I would have done them small and chic in a corner or centred at the bottom. But this has got me thinking – should I add a small detail to mine to make it more genuine or is plain the best?

What are your thoughts?
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