23 April 2012

Tyson Beckford for Mr Porter

Courtesy of Mr Porter
Every week I have this moment of happiness when I go on the Mr Porter website and find all the new arrivals. It is one of the best moments of the week not only because their selection is always impeccable but also because it's a change from the work routine.
This week Mr Porter is not only delivering their new array of clothes and accessories but they're also launching the latest issue of The Journal. Mr Tyson Beckford is the featured star in this edition, which will be live along with further images and a full interview tomorrow morning.
I love the relaxed vibe of the looks – perfect for the current weather. I am specially keen on the look from the right. The blazer (from this week's new arrivals?) is super cool and there is no better colour for spring than blue, it's just terribly chic.

I am curious to read Beckford's interview, which promises candid answers on dating some of the most beautiful women in the world such as Naomi Campbell or his current girlfriend, Shanina Shaik and on his life as a model.

"As a kid I had bad teeth and crazy hair. I was as skinny as a rail. I remember going to castings, walking in, and the man at the front desk informing me, 'Deliveries are round the back.' That sort of racism was fairly common. Of course I also got grief from my male friends back home, who thought my job was to walk around in a thong the entire time. But then the ads started coming out: rocking up in a Ferrari tends to shut people up."

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