01 April 2012

Things you get when you turn 24

A week and a bit ago I turned 24. To be quite honest, I have got so used to my and everyone else's being kind of broke for so long that it did not for a minute consider I would get so many (amazing) presents. And it's because I am still so surprised, amazed and lucky (to have so many friends with such good taste and memory) that I decided to share them here.

The first to come was this silver cocktail-making set with which I already celebrated on my birthday. I fancy myself as a bit of a booze snob so this will either help to encourage me or I will be humbled by the experience (the least likely). Also in the picture above are a drawing of myself I received from my most talented friend from high school – I encourage you to check out more of her amazing work on her blog.
Fashion-wise, it was quite a successful birthday too. I actually couldn't believe some people had been paying so much attention to my blabbering and got me the Mansai anchor bracelet I wanted and the limited edition YMC pocket square I was kicking myself for not having bought.

It's funny because I love big coffee table books but I rarely go ahead and buy them for myself, which is why I am so thrilled two crafty ladies got me the Carine Roitfeld 'Irreverent' book. I was so chuffed, in fact, that I couldn't help but flick through it at 4am when I got home after innumerable champagne mojitos. Keeping the book company is my brand new Goyard wallet, which I got as a present for myself. I was pretty tired of my über-flat card holder so this slightly bigger version is going to make my life that much easier. It' adds a pop of colour and I feel like a 30's millionaire.

All pictures property of Fashion, Frankly
Unlike a lot of people I love getting house decoration as a present, mostly because I always end up spending all my money on clothes. So I absolutely loved this Arabic holder and the little utensil to put the candle off. It fits right in with my living-room table! What doesn't fit on it but I thought was quirky for the picture are my new Grenson brogues, also a present from me to moi. I had been looking for a classic pair in tan leather forever and am so happy I found them just in time for the spring!

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