21 April 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: Le denim c'est chic

JustJared, Style.com, Getty
Even though this is the second week that I make this 'Most Stylish of the Week' post I can already tell you that a lot of the men in it as well as last week's will most likely be appearing week after week. While some women can be a little hit-and-miss it seems like a stylish men tends to always be stylish – and I mean this with the outmost respect for womenswear.
This week there is a bit of a mix of smart looks, casual looks and hybrid looks. Freddie Fox, decked up in Emporio Armani, attended the Olivier Awards looking elegant and cool. I love the classic combo of dark suit and white shirt with the touch of the knit tie and the silver tie pin, which give everything a modern touch
Phillip Lim, who is one of the best dressed designers ever, made a perfect mixture of cropped battered jeans and t-shirt (the casual) and a stunning double-chested blazer and a pair of patent leather boots (the smart) – it was just incredibly chic.
Even though it's hard to see what David Beckham is wearing in the picture I decided to include him because I love the checked shirt with the white round collar detail but, mostly, because of his haircut. He has taken a bit shorter (for the summer, I assume) and there is no better accessory to a look than sharp hair.
Kris Allen, of whom I didn't know much, performed on American Idol wearing one of the most perfect denim jackets I have seen in a while. It's the classic Levi's 501 colour and just the right fit. I myself have a very similar one I found at a vintage store and got altered and there is no better piece for the summer, especially if you know how to work double denim.
And last on the list is Robert Downey Jr, who is currently on his press tour for The Avengers. This time he went for a Vivienne Westwood (?) checked suit I couldn't possibly like more paired with a print bow tie, suede sneakers and his signature ombré shades. Only one flaw – get those trousers taken up, yes?

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