27 April 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: A dash of Efron

How well am I doing posting every week? I am impressed at myself! I am even more impressed at Zac Efron. He has been out and about in London this week promoting his latest movie. I don't know what it is about him being here that always makes him look very dashing – remember last time? My favourite looks of him have been the smarter ones, though he knows how to wear a t-shirt well. The first look was super classic – a three-piece black suit paired with a crisp white shirt. No tie and simple lace-up shoes. It might seem easy but it's not. What makes this look great is the fact that the trousers are ever so slightly cropped to show a bit of sock, the sleeves are the exact length so that enough of the shirt cuff shows. You see? Look number two was daring. It was clever to go for a colour suit in a clean skinny cut – no waistcoat or extra colours. He what is clever is allowing the colour to be the statement, which only works when the suit fits like a glove. The trousers look custom-made to me, can you see how well they fit? I appreciate the effort – my only complaint is that the fabric is a tad too shiny. Lessons are to be learnt from the master of suit-wearing. Look three is my favourite. I love the shade of navy of the three-piece suit. What makes this look is the accessorising – there is a hint of burgundy from the socks (perfectly cut trousers again), a pop of light from the white pocket square and the flower pattern of the tie, which brings together the colour of the suit and the colour of the socks. It's just great work! 
This week I have also decided to institute a grooming award in this weekly post. I feel like the world doesn't give good male hair the recognition it deserves. And some of these guys deserve even a monument. Luke Evans was looking great this week. He is one of those lucky buggers who has an odd-yet-cool beard shape. But still, I suspect a little trim here and there. It makes me feel less alone when other men don't just walk around with facial hair out of control. And, guess what, Efron is also my winner of best hair this week. They are really styling it these days because he's wearing some awful blond highlights from a film with Nicole Kidman. I am really liking the diagonal part-in and the quiff-like-a-sea-wave. It's just cool.

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