14 April 2012

Most Stylish of the Week: Burgundy lovers

JustJared, Style.com
For the last few weeks I have been trying to put together a post every Friday with a few of my favourite celebrity looks from the week but for one reason or another it hasn't happened until now. I will try and do them every Friday/Saturday but I can't promise anything!
I decided to start today because it is unlikely that every week I will be this happy about the people in the list as these guys above are probably in my Top 5 of best dressed. There also seems to be a common thread of burgundy/maroon pops of colour in everyone's outfit.
Harry Brant Jr (if you don't know him, shame on you) is the most stylish teenager to ever exist on planet earth. He's like a real life Chuck Bass only with a lot more flair and taste. I am loving the quilted-but-not velvet blazer and the matching bow tie with just the right proportions. I really like the fact that he kept everything else classic and simple but added an extra touch with the gold embroidered smoking slippers.
Robert Downey Jr is one of the men who best looks on the red carpet. He wears a lot of Lanvin and his tinted glasses add a slightly rock vibe, which I love. His hair is also looking mighty good at the moment!
Andrew Garfield has this ease to look stylish that only the British have. He has been sticking to the classics lately – the striped cardigan, black skinny jeans, dark suede brogues, simple tees – and it's really working. This week I loved the burgundy mackintosh he threw on and, well, the hair. Some men are just lucky.
King of style and cool, aka Ryan Gosling, has also been spotted this week. He was wearing his signature battered black boots with skinny jeans, an Aztec print t-shirt and a burgundy cardigan. What is genius about this is the fact that the bottom part of the look is almost grungy but the top, though relaxed, is chic. Also key to the look are the mustard aviator shades that give it all a polished feel.

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