15 April 2012

The Kenzo x Vans Collaboration

It gets a lot for me to actually want to buy into designer collaborations these days. Every year there's more and more of them so it's got to the point where we have to be really selective.
The Kenzo x Vans one is the first one from 2012 that has given me that feeling of excitement where I almost get upset when I imagine I can't get a pair...! Fortunately, they are not on sale yet so I can prepare and, most importantly, choose the colour combination I like the best.
All the promotional pictures from Kenzo show bicolour pairs (see above) but it looks like the ones that will end up in shops might end up being even more commercial as you can see from the ones below at the Black Frame Press Day this week in London. I am most tempted by the red and green version. And it looks like they're going to be quite affordable – they're not expected to go much higher than £100.

The R-Kive

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