17 March 2012

The SS12 Build-Up: Prada Prints

Spring is barely even getting closer and all I can think about is what I am going to be wearing in a few weeks. I have this love/hate relationships with the warmer seasons because I never know what to wear and I'm always sweaty an uncomfortable. It's even more difficult being a man because there is only so much you can work with (shorts + t-shirts/polo shirts) and London has a tendency of changing season a few times a day.
So this year I have decided I must make myself buy some statement tops and bottoms to be worn with other more basic tops or bottoms. Basically, I don't want to look like I am wearing the same clothes for the next 3 or 4 months.
Adding to my collection of checked shorts I would like to welcome Prada's printed polo shirts into my wardrobe. So much attention has been given to their 50's printed shirts but people seem to be overlooking my favourite pieces. The blazers and suits, quite in line with some of the Miu Miu prints we have seen for the womenswear FW12 line, were also perfect for me.
Even though they are not quite my cup of tea I must say I couldn't stop looking at the SS12 Prada shoes. I loved how Miuccia managed to keep her momentum from last season going with a brogue take on the classic golf shoes. If I weren't such a classic when it comes to shoes I would wear this pair above in a heartbeat.
I would have to be a lot braver to pull off the pair below with the metallic studs and crystals. But, again, I would gladly be seen walking around carrying the Prada gold bags. Or does someone carry them for you? I would know if I had ever played golf... In any case, they're incredibly cool.
I was also very impressed with the t-shirts. Big designers tend to either overdo tees or just stamp their name or logo on them, which I hate. Prada, on the other hand, went for funky young prints like the florals below. I am not much of a florals fan but if I I'd definitely wear the blue, black and yellow one below. Same for the slightly cropped jackets. Simply perfect!
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