29 January 2012

He's Fly: Daniel Radcliffe, Le Geek c'est Chic

I am really impressed with how much Daniel Radcliffe's style has improved in the last few months. After quite a few mistakes on red carpets and appearances it looks like he's finally found a style that suits him. I understand that this took a while because –and this I know from experience– getting dressed when you're a short man it's not an easy task. It takes years to figure out which exact length of trousers and tops is best for you. Simple things like sleeves have to be just right or you look silly. But Daniel's got this figured out now.
For one of his latest appearances on TV during the press tour for his new film he went for a brilliant all-blue outfit. The smart blue shirt contrasts with the jumper –the highlight of the look– which injects a geek/70's/casual vibe into the outfit. The almost unwashed dark jeans are a perfect fit and because they're really slim the two rolls up the bottom look great and add to the look. The final spot-on touches are the suede shoes that are somewhere in between being Vans and a smart shoe, and the old school haircut.

For a similar look in a different colour palette –perhaps sandy colours– I found this awesome Levi's Vintage wool jumper on Mr Porter. Radcliffe (or I) could rock this with a beige Oxford shirt, a pair of mustardy brown chinos and brick-coloured desert boots.

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