07 December 2011

Giorgio Armani for Ethan Hunt

Courtesy of Armani
If only one could be Tom Cruise... Because being a movie star and married to the lovely Katie Holmes is not enough Tom Cruise is also the lucky one to have Giorgio Armani design an exclusive suit for him. or rather, Ethan Hunt, the Mission Impossible character that he made famous is the lucky one. For the premiere of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol in Dubai tonight, Tom Cruise will be wearing this super suave midnight blue tuxedo custom made by Giorgio Armani.
I am not only sharing this because I am green with envy or because I absolutely love the design but also because I find Giorgio Armani's way of sharing his sketched in the form of illustrations incredibly cool!

PS. In case you were wondering, Cruise will also be wearing Giorgio Armani to the premieres in London, Paris and New York after today.

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