14 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist: Louis Vuitton travel rug

I can't quite remember what I read or watched a few years ago that made me realise how useful a travel blanket could be. Snobbery aside, most aeroplane blankets (unless you're flying First) are too thin and can smell too funky. Which is why an investment on a nice cashmere travel blanket is so worth it.
Cashmere is a lot warmer than normal wool but it's also a lot lighter, which makes it perfect for travelling. What I love about this particular Louis Vuitton one is, firstly, the subtle grey and olive check that adds a stylish note. And secondly, the leather holder that it comes with. This way you don't have to quickly fold your blanket on the way out of your plane, you can just roll it up and carry with as a bag or throw it into yours.
This blanket is a bit of an investment (!) but if you can splurge a little I'd say it's worth it.

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