05 December 2011

Christmas Wishlist: Bally Scribe Made-To-Order Cigar Humidor

Courtesy of Karla Otto
Before you think that I've gone bananas, let me tell you that I never kid when it comes to Christmas-present wish-lists. You might think that some of my picks are a bit outrageous for someone my age but I was born a sophisticated (hopefully) middle-aged man in a kid's body.
I am in love with this Bally cigar humidor box. Even though I am not a regular cigar smoker I have been planning to become one for a while. After my initiation in the world of whiskey over a year ago it just feels right to take it to the next level, Mad Men style. And when I do I want to be ready, hence the presence of this item on my list.
The Scribe humidor box is a limited edition (only 100 pieces) item produced by Bally with Sri Lankan Macassar Ebony. It can store up to 300 cigars and, get this, it can also store a pair of shoes like Bally's Scribe made-to-order. So if, like me, you are approaching the cigar-smoking with baby steps, you will know there is a worthy purpose for this absolutely stunning box.

If you are interested, the 100 pieces will be on sale from mid-December at Bally stores.

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