11 December 2011

Most Stylish of the Week: Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law

I usually don't do a Best Dressed of the Week post on Fashion, Frankly because American GQ does it so much better than I ever could. But this week I could hardly resist posting these pictures of Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law at the London premiere of their newest Sherlock Holmes film "A Game of Shadows".
It's funny because Downey Jr's look is exactly the kind that I would usually hate but this man, who is too  cool for words, pulls it off impressively. She fit of the shiny suit is really good –slim enough to feel contemporary but not a skinny fit. I like how the suit fabric contrasts with the black shirt and, hell, I even like the combination of both with the super shiny silver tie. As usual, he wore it all with a pair of snickers (I will never forget this other look) that, in my opinion, make the look. His hair is also looking exceptionally good these days and that, I can tell you, is always a great plus.
Jude Law went for another of his famous I-dress-formal-but-not-quite looks. It's so interesting what he's done here. The almost skinny tuxedo trousers look classic from the front but that changes as soon as you see the dark green stripe along the side of the leg –something we'd easily Christ Martin wearing– this is the first touch of formal but not quite so. The second is the combination of the navy blazer, waistcoat and white shirt with the woollen hat and untrimmed beard. If anything, what makes this outfit are the textures  and I love the touch of the silk pocket square.
But of course the best is seeing them together. It's almost like they get dressed together to complement each other because, let's face it, these pictures wouldn't be nearly as cool if they were apart.

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