17 November 2011

Leo covers the new Interview Russia

With all the Vogue, Elle and Harper's Bazaar editions all over the world I had never thought whether anyone would take on franchising the Andy Warhol's iconic Interview magazine. It's been one of my favourites since I first discovered –definitely my favourite read– but I've always felt like it was quintessentially American and, hence, could not exist anywhere else.
It looks like the people over in Russia would like to prove me wrong and so they've launched their country's version of the magazine. I am glad that the news went along with the release of the cover because if they hadn't put Leo looking suave on it I wouldn't have felt this happy about the new edition of the mag.
I love the vintage feel of both Brigitte Lacombe's picture of Leo and of the magazine's old logo. I guess you can only drop the "Andy Warhol's" when you've gained enough recognition. But just the fact that such a strong cover covers the first issue says a lot about the country to me. I can't wait to grab a copy and see if the inside lives up to the outside.

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