13 November 2011

He's fly: Blaine Anderson/Darren Criss

NYmag.com, Fox.com
I know that Glee might seem like the last place where a man would find inspiration to dress but before you close the window shaking your head and thinking that I've gone mad look at the pictures above and honestly ask yourself whether you want to look like that. If the answer is no, I don't know what you're doing here.
I am a big Glee fan ever since it started airing but I must say the styling in the show, while apt for the characters, has never been to interesting or particularly fun. Only from season two Kurt's styling started to include McQueen or Marc Jacobs pieces into the wardrobe. Even then it was a style a bit camp I still could not relate to. And then Blaine came around.
It's funny I should blog about this a couple of weeks after my hair style post. Blaine wears his hair exactly like I wear mine and we also share a certain liking for preppy. The only difference is he's more Ivy League and I'd like to think my influences are more Oxford.
In this week's episode of Glee Blaine really outdid himself in terms of styling. His all-grey look for his visit to his old school couldn't have been more Thom Browne if they tried. I spent a good deal of time looking for the exact same pieces in Browne's collections but wasn't successful, though his are not exactly the kind of clothes you buy online.
If one brilliant look wasn't enough Blaine later wears some more, this time I can confirm, Thom Browne piece. I absolutely love this cardigan. I first saw it about a year ago when someone I work with walked into the office wearing it. In fact, he was wearing it again yesterday.
The cardigan is slightly big on Blaine, which makes me like the slick first look more but I appreciate a bit of high fashion on a mainstream TV show. Especially because it's not the kind of thing most people would even recognise. I would have worn it with a more neutral polo shirt. The red takes away from what could've been a super cool outfit.

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