27 November 2011

Christmas Wishlist: Prada tartan wallet

GQ.com, Saks.com
I've always found the subject of changing wallets a hard one. I have only ever had two wallets so far (excluding surfing brand ones from my teens) because once you get used to one is hard to let it go.
I remember my first ever 'grown-up' wallet was from Prada –this classic nylon model that's still produced. I bought it at the first Prada store in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele in Milan when I was about 16 or 17. My mum tried to convinced me not to spend that money on a wallet but I repeated to her how much of a classic it was and so it had to be mine.
I stuck to my Prada wallet, which is in perfect condition even today, for quite a few years until in I decided to get a new one for practical reasons in the summer of 2010. I always find bulky wallets very annoying when I wear shorts or light trousers and so I wanted to get a card case type of wallet to alternate with the other one. I eventually went for a Louis Vuitton one in the classic brown Damier canvas.
This new slim model proved to be so much more practical than, in fact, I kept using it throughout the summer and into the following seasons until today. I won't say that I've made my mind about this yet but yesterday when I was going through GQ's holiday edition of 'Shop like an Editor'. In the list I found these super cool Prada card cases with asymmetric card slots and a tartan print which seemed a cool alternative to what I have now. I want to stick to the format but mix it up a bit. And so I've thought that if someone gave me one of these as a present for Christmas I would have to move on once again, seems like a good idea, no?

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