23 November 2011

Christmas Wishlist: Nixon Tortoise Acetate collection

I inherited my obsession with shoes and watches from my dear father who, funnily enough, has also always been one of the most vocal about my spending through the years (he did fund all these years). It took me a long time to be able to buy shoes at Zara (what was I thinking?!) but I eventually realised it wasn't realistic  to have 30 great pairs of shoes.
However, I have struggled a lot more with watches and I still do. Apart from the odd Swatch I can never seem to find something I love  and that costs less than 3k. This means I only own six watches: A Swatch, a Michael Kors, an Emporio Armani, a D&G, an Eternamatic and a Baume & Mercier one. But I have finally found a watch that is worthy of joining the family.
I am obsessed with the Nixon 'tortoise acetate collection' because it has a kind of vintage feel but they're all super slick. I am not a fan of really busy spheres so it's no surprise that I chose the one in plain black. Most of my other watches have leather straps so I thought I'd mix it up with an all-acetate model. My favourite model in on sale online at Nordstrom and it is just over £100!! The perfect Christmas present.

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