18 November 2011

The boys choose Emporio Armani for the premiere of Braking Dawn

Courtesy of Emporio Armani
I really appreciate it when male celebrities get a bit of the spotlight on the red carpet. Just because we wear suits that (to some eyes) look very similar to each other it doesn't mean that they're any less interesting. You just need to look closer.
The Twilight boys are on their press tour around the world for the premieres of Breaking Dawn. Emporio Armani was the lucky brand to dress them for the London event and they were looking sharp! Robert Pattinson went for a dark combo with a charcoal grey suit, a grey shirt and a maroon tie. I'm usually not for all-dark pieces but they really work on him. Plus I am happy to see his great hair is looking good again!
Taylor Lautner went for a more classic look –grey suit, crisp white shirt and checked tie. I'm not a huge fan of the stubble but the tight haircut and slim fit of the suit made him look really elegant.
Jamie Campbell Bower, who plays Caius in the movie, was also looking very cool. He went for a more casual look in a black wool coat and black jeans. It was a really London look. I am loving the laid-back hair and the fact that he's got rid of the man-liner he was sporting for a bit...

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