12 October 2011

It's all in the details

As it happens every year, I've only started to actually think seriously of working on my winter wardrobe now that the weather has already started to get cold...  I am determined to stick to a main colour palette (inspiration post to come) and to choose carefully all the new pieces –it's going to be a season of investment pieces and classic ones that I can usually work with.
I have also thought a lot about details. I used to be an avid belt collector but at some point over the last few years I stopped and I am not too keen on my current collection. So goal number one in terms of accessories is to find nice belts that add a different and interesting touch to my looks. My favourites so far have been these Tucker Blair needlepoint ones. There are a lot of different models in different colours and I love all the different motifs. I really really love the duck and lobster ones. They would be such a great touch to a 30's inspired tweed look and also perfect for the summer.
I have also been considering braces, which I haven't worn since I was very young. I haven't bought any in years because I could never find the perfect ones –they're usually too cheap looking or too expensive. I recently found these Steve & Co. bicolour ones and I'm seriously considering buying them. I love the simple but slightly vintagy feel and the fact that each strip is a different colour really makes it interesting for me.

Click here to shop Tucker Blair belts and here for the Steve & Co. braces.

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