31 October 2011

How to wear your hair for FW11

From left: David Beckham, Scott Disick, Ed Westwick, Robert Downey Jr.

Despite my interest in fashion and my keenness on always looking presentable I must admit I have never given much time or thought to grooming. Now, with this I mean anything other than the basics –having regular haircuts, trimming facial hair and moisturising daily. I keep my stubble neat and trim it when it's too long but I would say that my main focus has always been my hair.
I have a crazy amount of hair, which grows in the most peculiar shape. In addition, it's the untameable type so I've always struggled to find the right product to use with it. For the most part of my life I've used classic gel but quite a few years ago I got tired of my classic part-in look and started mixing it up with clays, sprays and whatnot.
However, ever since I joined in the 50's hair trend of keeping the sides and back of my hair considerably shorter than the top front I've progressively started to use hair gel again because not only it's extremely easy to apply but it can also help you grow your hair –it hides imperfections amazingly.

Milo Ventimiglia, Taylor Lautner, Professor Green, Robert Pattinson
Also lately I've started to notice a lot of celebrities whose style I like either adopting this look on a daily basis or alternating it with a more 'relaxed' one. The truth is I think the part it with the hair slightly slicked back makes any outfit a lot more interesting.
In the case of Professor Green (whose style I am really digging lately) or Ed Westwick the gel gives a dash of sophistication to a very casual and chilled look. It just helps you look very put together.
When worn with a suit or something smarter like Milo Ventimiglia, Taylor Lautner or Robert Pattinson it completes the look making you look super neat and very slick. This, I guess, is the most 'textbook' application.
A twist on this last one would be the way David Beckham or Robert Downey Jr wear it. David goes for the really short sides that gives the look a much more contemporary feel. It looks fresh and young. Robert Downey Jr goes for a slight quiff, something that I like to do myself sometimes. This is a bit more retro but the sort of 60's vibe can really make any outfit look super cool.

Pictures: JustJared, Zimbio

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