30 October 2011

He's Fly: Nick Carraway

1. Gant Rugger herringbone tweed blazer, 2. Gant Rugger herringbone tweed suit trousers, 3. Oliver Spencer Eaton collar shirt,
4. Gant Rugger herringbone tweed tie, 5. Polo Ralph Lauren sleeveless pullover.
I know that I can't technically say that someone is a fashion icon if he never existed. Nick Carraway is the main (fictional) character in one of my favourite books –The Great Gatsby. I could certainly, however, call the interpretations of his character in movies iconic.
I don't know how many times I might have seen the 1974 film version with Sam Waterston playing Nick. Regardless of how true to the book it is, the film really captures the style of the 20's in an exquisite way, which won the film the Oscar for best costume design.

Now I am even more excited to see the Baz Luhrmann version with Tobey Maguire as Mr Carraway. The film is not due out until next year but we've already been seeing a few snaps of the actors on set. I think I stared at this picture of Tobey for about 5 minutes when I first found it last night. It's so cool and slick and it really captures Nick's style.
I instantly congratulated myself for buying this Gant Rugger tweed suit from Mr Porter earlier this week. This is exactly the kind of look I love for the winter so I looked for the other pieces that Mr Porter had to offer to complete my Nick Carraway outfit. I admit that I'd rarely wear those piece together these days but they're a good mix ox classics that, combined with jeans and desert boots, give a great feel to your winter wardrobe.

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