21 August 2011

Wishlist: FW11 Shoes

1. Prada, 2. Church's @ Mr. Porter, 3. Creative Recreation @ Revolve Clothing, 4. Stubbs & Wootton, 5. Balenciaga @ Macthes, 6. Alden @ Browns, 7. Stubbs & Wootton.

I find funny how my taste and fixations vary from one winter season to the next. For f/w10 my obsession were desert boots and suede shoes. That is pretty much all I wore for the whole winter and so I bought quite a few of them. Now that f/w11 is approaching I need to think of what I need and want to buy. Last year's boots are classics I will keep using until they fall apart so I'm now looking for shoes with character. I have been going back to the Balenciaga sneakers over and over again and decided I will buy them this season they look comfy and cool and I love them in the powder greys. I am also obsessed with buying a pair of burgundy patent leather brogues.
Prada's take for winter tempts me because I so wanted to buy a pair of their summer brogues and these tricolour ones seem perfect for winter –quirky yet classic. On the other hand, Church's ones are also hard to resist. They're the epitome of English brogues and they'd look so cool with jeans in the winter. They're also much cheaper than Prada's. So it seems I'm very much into leather this season, which is why I am in love with the Alden boots. They are so effortlessly elegant and would work so well with a suit, jeans, corduroy trousers and pretty much anything I already own.
I've realised high-top sneakers are getting a lot more of my attention than usually. The Creative Recreation ones have a great mixture of colours and fabrics for the winter. And the laces add a kind of hiking-shoe touch to it I love for winter. And finally, the velvet slip-ons. I recently discovered Stubbs & Wootton, this Palm Beach-based shoe-makers who specialise in slip-ons. They're über cool "Screw You" model is no longer on sale but I am quite keen on their "Kings Court V" model. Velvet and Medieval motifs go hand in hand for me.

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