26 August 2011

The Emporio Armani Super Meccanico watch

Courtesy of Armani
I still remember how excited when I bought my first "grown-up" watch quite  few years ago. I went to the Emporio Armani shop in Madrid with my parents so I could choose the watch for my birthday.
I ended up choosing a really avant-garde (for the time and my age anyway) watch –it had a wide leather strap that almost seemed like a bracelet and it had a small metallic rectangular box in the middle that was the digital watch. I couldn't have been happier and I got so many compliments about it in school.
A couple of years after both my dad and I bought a second watch there, that one was more grown up and classic, of course. And now I feel like it's time to bring another Emporio Armani watch into my life.
The brand is now launching a limited edition watch –only 999 pieces of the Super Meccanico watch have been produced and they have all been individually engraved with their number. How cool would it be if you could pick the one with your lucky number engraved on it?
I love the design because it's elegant but not too formal –the screw details make it tough but the flexible strap give it a sporty touch. I would love to have it in the black (with an 8 engraved) but I also feel like the metallic sphere would be a great buy for people who want a watch to go with a suit during the week and jeans and a cardigan on the weekend.

The watches will be available in Emporio Armani stores in September.

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