27 July 2011

They're Fly: How to bring it in the summer

1. A.P.C. anchor logo t-shirt, 2. PS by Paul Smith plaid shirt, 3. Steve McQueen Person sunglasses, 4. ASOS anchor buckle belt.
Let's face it, it's hard for a man to dress in the summer. Keeping cool is key but that, in therms of male clothing, reduces garment options down to two pieces: trousers and top. It's quite a challenge to look fashionable everyday when all you have to play with are two pieces.
Ryan Kwanten's, Ryan Gosling's and Ed Westwick's looks are great examples of how to do this. It's a good idea to add a pattern —stripes, plaid, maritime, even florals— that has to be subtle. Be careful with vests (or wife-beaters) because only men with guns (i.e. Gosling) can pull those off and not look like twats.
Trousers, if not shorts, should be light chinos, slightly looser than you'd wear them in the winter and rolled up (this keeps you cool in more than one way).
Sunglasses and belts are a lot more important in the summer because they say something about who you are. Ray-Ban's are always a safe bet but I personally recommend a classic pair or Persol's or Oliver Peoples'. They have to be a classic shape that goes well with everything but they must have an edge as well, not to be boring.

[JustJared, as credited]

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