18 May 2011

Jude Law: Cannes style

Men often don't get too much attention when it comes to red carpet events. Thankfully some names are so big they don't go unnoticed, especially at Cannes. Jude Law was one of those lucky few. I'm always very curious about his style, not so much what he wears but how he wears it.
I was especially confused about a specific pair of sunglasses he wore in Cannes. They were almost square, with round edges, and with very light black degrade lenses. They immediately made me think of this Mary Kate Olsen picture. I would normally say he can get away with it but these glasses are a tad too feminine for him, which is a shame because a good pair or classic way-farers would have made a very sharp look.
His other look, more casual, was a lot cooler. He is actually wearing a two-piece suit but the trousers are loose and tucked into his sneakers and the blazer has a silk rimming but he wears it with a low-neck tee. It's a great balance of formal and informal and he tops it off with a pair of those Grey Goose trainers I spoke about months ago.

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