19 May 2011

He's Fly: Brad Pitt in MMM & Tom Ford

When a man gets Tom Ford freebies you know he's got style. And Brad Pitt's got plenty of both. He was one of the other male stars who received much attention at Cannes.
I've always been unsure of whether I like white suits or not because it seems a lot easier to get it wrong. But when you're Brad Pitt and you're wearing a Martin Margiela suit, slicked back hair and a half grey goatee a white suit is not something to worry your thoughts. He looked ridiculously cool during his arrival at the festival despite the tacky golden chain on his neck and the too long trousers. My favourite item, no wonder, were the Tom Ford sunglasses, which I went crazy trying to find online but could never find. I guess he gets to preview items as well...

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