10 March 2011

He's Fly: Godfrey Deeny

It's so easy for fashion editors to be ahead at wearing trends. They see the first of them in New York and London and by the time they get to Milan and Paris half of them have managed to dust off old jewels or get themselves some off-the-runway samples. Fur is the fw11 trend I am most excited to wear after the summer (I think ahead) because it's something I've wanted to wear for many years but that no one ever had made young. While still tricky, designers (and not Kanye West and his ridiculousness) have proven that it can be cool and young. And so does Godfrey Deeny, European editor of Fashion Wire Daily. He wore a 50's style fur lapelled coat over a fitted chalk-stripe double-breasted blazer, a white tee and jeans. It's manly but still makes a statement. Take notes, Kanye.
[Picture: Style.com]

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