14 February 2011

Fashion Week essential #3: the classic-with-an-edge shades

My second most important item in an outfit, after the shoes, are the sunglasses. The right shades can completely make a look, which is why I am a firm believer in having, at least, five or six different pairs in a variety of shapes, materials and colours. I am also a believer in investing on quality timeless pieces but with character. This season I am really into rectangular shapes. I love Oliver Peoples' model below (left), which reminded me of the Versace pair I bought about four years ago. Oliver Peoples' are my absolute go-to brand for both prescription (which you must consider investing on too if you have to wear them to watch the shows) and sunglasses because they have that classic-with-a-twist air. In any case, this coming LFW I will be sporting these ones below together with my collection of Ray-Bans, Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren and Armani.
[Pictures: OliverPeoples.com, celebrity-sunglasses-finder.com]

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