11 February 2011

Fashion Week essential #2: funky sneakers

I'd like to pick up where I left it on yesterday's post to continue with what I consider the most important piece in a man's outfit —they say a lot about its wearer. I grew up listening to my mum say how she could never like, let alone marry, a man who wore dirty shoes. And so I always wore the most pristine shoes to school. But personal anecdotes aside, one must choose his footwear carefully. For fashion week I like to mix it up and not wear smart shoes every day. In fact, I am a big fan of wearing quite a formal outfit with a very casual sneaker. Which leads me to this awesome specimen below. Balenciaga is making great sportswear luxurious pieces this season. I love the mixture of colours (including the bang-on trend orange) and how sophisticated yet urban they look. Pay a visit to Matches if you fancy a pair.
[Pictures: MatchesFashion.com]

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