14 January 2011

With great power comes great responsibility

After months of waiting and heaps of anticipation the first preview of Andrew Garfield as Spidey was finally released yesterday. I am not a massive superhero fanatic but you could say I am quite keen on Spider-man and Batman despite not being a comic book reader. The fact is I hated Tobey McGuire as the arachnid and I thought his three films went from mediocre to full-on w*nk (forgive my frankness). Garfield, on the other hand, has all the right amounts of geeky and slightly awkward cool the comic book character has to have. On top of that, he dresses way cooler in real life and he as was brilliant on "The Social Network" as I think he'll be on "Never Let Me Go" opposite Carey and Keira.
PS. I will be back with my (ir)regular updates very soon, I promise.
[Picture: Celebrity-Gossip.net]

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