27 December 2010

Frank loves: Paisley scarves

While I was away in Granada for Christmas these past few days I mentally analysed my current style (yes, I'm that sad) and quickly came to the conclusion that I have cycles of very intense obsessions, which slowly turn into personal staples. And what I mean by this is I get fixated on a particular item, colour or fabric and buy as much of it as I possibly can for several weeks until I almost reach boredom. I then stop wearing the item for about the same time as I was focused on it to then retake it again, more calmly. It happened exactly like this whit single and double-chested blazers, bow-ties, heavy-knit scarves, corduroy, tartan, burgundy... the list goes on. My current personal craze is paisley scarves. I have recently bought my third one from Zara (Christmas presents post to come) and I simply can't stop wearing it. I have to confess that seeing Ryan Gosling wear his obviously had its effect (more than I'll ever admit).
I have been looking around for my future purchases in the field and have found that both Zara and Massimo Dutti (pictured above on the left on a Harper's Bazaar España editorial) have a really nice range of both different paisley patterns, colours and fabrics. My personal favourite if one can splurge is most undoubtedly Etro, the best pattern maker (maybe Missoni too) in the world.

[Pictures: Zimbio.com, TheFashionisto.com, Barneys.com, Liberty.co.uk]

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