28 November 2010

Dressing for Christmas

If you haven't heard yet, Christmas is coming. This year will be a little more different for me because I'm spending it with my family but we're taking it to a new scenario in the south of Spain, in a city called Granada. While I am unaware of the temperature there, I am guessing it'll be quite different from Madrid's icy Christmas so I am preparing nice outfits that either don't require a coat or in which the coat need not be accompanied by much layer underneath. I've put together a little inspiration post of what would make my perfect holiday wardrobe with photos from menswear editorials from the last couple of months to pay a bit of attention to FW10 trends.
My staple outfits for Christmas always include velvet at some point and some well-combined green and red. This year I will be taking my red-wine and my black velvet blazers with a selection of colourful shirts and bow ties for dinner. I will also give the "Tom Ford for Gucci" a go —aka: turtle neck jumper with a blazer (preferably velvet). I have thought of this for such a long time that my black velvet blazer and my tweed trousers are already getting refitted for a polished Christmas look.
My ultimate favourite casual look this winter, stereotypical as it may be, is the denim shirt and heavy knit combo. Especially if the latter includes a cozy neck and winter motifs. Over the years I've realised how having the back of my neck well protected makes me feel at easy no matter where I am, which is why I love those kind of jumpers or coats with fluffy lapels. I love the touch of the denim shirt in winter because it plays with the idea of a country look but it still looks put together.
I will also be packing my tuxedo shirt, which I'll probably wear with a cardigan or a normal blazer. I love traditional men's tailoring with all my life but I feel like it makes more of a statement if you wear it when it's unexpected rather than to a black tie event. My only two wardrobe regrets to date are not owning a plaid suit (best by Band of Outsiders or John Varvatos) and one of Prada's fw10 knits, which, to me, are simply a must-have this season.
[Pictures: Coute que Coute, The Fashionisto]

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