12 November 2010

deers & khaki

DSC04155 copy
I am very much feeling colour this winter season, which is extremely odd in me. Dark purple and light denim used to be the closes shades to bold colours I'd sport all the way through the autumn and winter. I strongly believe that the way you dress is linked to your mood. But this winter I'm not sure if I dress colourfully because I am happy or if I wear bright hues to give myself joy. In any case, I am really enjoying playing with musky colours and different textures. I wore this outfit yesterday on a little trip to "Little Venice" for a preview. It consisted of my new favourite shirt (a vintage denim find from Beyond Retro), my parka and my burgundy corduroy trousers. But the star of the ensemble was clearly my deer jumper. I bought it from Pepe Jeans some five years ago and it literally brightens my day up. I used to be requested to wear it at school because people loved it so much. It's incredibly soft, light and warm so it makes the perfect garment for this cold weather. It's also warm enough so that I don't have to wear a coat and I can play around with the colour of different jackets.
DSC04156 copy
[Pictures: Iñaki C.]

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