03 November 2010

Corduroy lover

I remember, as a kid, I used to wear lots of corduroy in the shape of trousers, jackets and coats. I don't know why but I went off it for a while and it was only last winter that we reconciled. That's when I bought this pair of April 77 burgundy corduroy trousers. I love the thick type that some designer like Ralph Lauren use but it feels old to me, so I always go for the tiniest one I can find. I am also very keen on this fabric because it slightly changes the shade of the colour depending on the light, so it's a great way to play with texture. I wore the trousers with my suede COS desert boots, my Uniqlo nude jumper, a tan leather vintage belt and a grey jacket (not pictured). What do you think of corduroy?
I'mnotfrank-burgundy courderoy
[Pictures: Iñaki C.]

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