14 October 2010

+J fw10

Like every season, Jil Sander's collaboration with Uniqlo is hitting the stores and stirring the web with his innovative designs. +J takes on sportswear from a classic tailoring perspective. We'll see the classic flannel blazers and coats and white shirts the designer is known for but also more contemporary pieces like the reversible black and blue nylon jacket (my favourite) or the quilted blazer. The prices, as usual, range between the £120 and the £150, which is baffling but great. I have been buying +J pieces for seasons and I have to say the cashmere jumper from last winter and the crisp blazer from last season look and feel as good as new. It's too bad the line is launching in the middle of the month when I'm not swimming in money, but I will definitely own the nylon jacket this season!
[Pictures: GQ-magazine.co.uk, uniqlo.com/plusJ]

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